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July 4, 2012
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Two years later.

It's Alfred's birthday today. I woke up with the whole day perfectly planned out. First, the family goes out to breakfast, my treat. Next we're going to go to the local carnival with Matthew and spend most of the afternoon there. Finally we'll come home and watch Captain America while we eat a homemade hamburger dinner with fries. Yes, today will be an amazing one. Of course we don't celebrate Al's birthday like this every year but this year we got lucky and was able to find the money to spend. It's also Independence Day, a day to be celebrated joyfully by everyone in this country. I woke up early before Alfred so I could help get the kids ready so they can come in and wake him up. I came into Wesley's room to get him up but he was already awake.

"Happy America day!" Wesley squeaked as he tried pulling on his favorite blue T-shirt with an American flag on it. I giggled and helped the six year old finished getting dressed. "Is daddy awake?" He asked.

"Not yet. Why don't you go and wake him up while I get your sister." I smiled at my son and watching him bolt out of his room. Right next door is Emily's room. I strolled in there and expected her to already be awake but she wasn't. I kneeled by her and shook the two year old gently. "Emily, time to wake up." I spoke softly. She stirred around until I saw her face, covered in little red dots. "Oh no," I murmured. Emily moaned in pain as she sat up to look at me, she began itching her body. I took her hands in mine to get her to stop from scratching herself.

"Itching," she whined. I sighed sadly, knowing the problem. Chickenpox. What timing. It throws off the entire day plan.

"Honey, you have the Chickenpox."

"Red dots," she looked at her arms, which were covered in red dots as she explained. Emily started to cry because of the horrible irritation that chickenpox could cause a child at her age. I rubbed her face and looked her in the eyes.

"It's ok baby, mommy will take care of you today." I made her sit in the bed while I stood up to find some ointment kept in the bathroom cabinet. I hadn't noticed but Wesley had walked into Emily's room. I heard a sound of concern coming from the room. I came back in with the ointment and saw Wesley kneeling by his sister's bed and touching her face. Fortunately, Wesley already had the chicken pox when he was a baby so Emily isn't contagious to anyone in the house.

"Mommy, Emily has red dots all over her. Is she ok?" Wesley looked up at me with worried eyes. I kneeled down beside them.

"She's just going to be a little sick for a few days. She has the Chickenpox. Everyone gets its only once in their life. You had it when you were a baby. Daddy had it and Mommy had it too." I patted his back comfortingly before starting to apply ointment to Emily's little body.

"Oh." He replied and watched me remove Emily's shirt to apply ointment more effectively. "So, are we still going to go out for Daddy's birthday?" Wesley pouted.

"I don't think so, Wesley. Emily is too sick to go outside." I sighed. I was feeling the same way he was. We hadn't had a fun family day in a while and I was really looking forward today. "Did you wake Daddy up?" I asked him.

"Yep, he says he wants a burger for breakfast." Wesley giggled. Emily managed to giggle as well, despite the major discomfort she was feeling. I rolled my eyes and put Emily's shirt back on her.

"Yo!" Alfred stood at the entrance to Emily's room with a huge grin across his face. He then noticed us all huddled around our daughter, his grin fell into a frown. "What's wrong baby?" He said to Emily.

"Chickens." She whined.

"Chickenpox," I looked at Al and he immediately knew that today's plans were not going to go the way they were planned.

"Total bummer," he said as he made his way to us and sat next to me. "So we staying home today dude?"

"Either all of us stay home or you and Wesley go out while I stay here with Emily." I shrugged my shoulders and kept Emily from scratching herself.

"It won't be fun without all of us," Wesley pouted.

"That's right little dude," Alfred agreed with our boy and petted his head. "We can stay home and still have fun!" Al chuckled and brought a smile to my face. I looked back at Emily who smiled weakly at us.

"Yeah you're right," I sighed and stood up. "I'm going to make breakfast, what do all of you want?"

"Hamburgers!" Alfred exclaimed.

"Waffles!" Wesley giggled.

"Lucky Charms!" Emily squealed with joy.

"Al, make your own burger." I crossed my arms.

"But I'm the birthday boy!" He whined.

"Ok then call Matt and tell him to make you a burger." I was half joking but I didn't expect Alfred to actually run out of the room to do just what I suggested. The kids laughed at their father's silliness. I decided to move Emily down to the living room so she could watch television with Wesley. There is nothing worse than being a two year old with Chickenpox and being stuck all alone in a bedroom. A few minutes later after I set Emily up comfortably on the couch and began making preparing her cereal, Matthew entered our house.

"Good morning," He greeted us. Alfred jumped up and gave the Canadian a huge bear hug. "Aah!.. Oh… Happy Birthday Alfred," he hesitantly hugged Al back.

"Make me a burger!" Alfred demanded.

"Ok ok," Matthew strolled over and met with me in the kitchen. "Hey __________." Wesley came into the kitchen and waited for me to hand him the cereal bowl to give to his sister.

"Hey Matt," I sighed.

"Heard Emily has the Chickenpox. That's unfortunate."

"Yeah, kind of a downer. Of all days too." I started working on Wesley's waffle request. Matthew started making Alfred's burger as well.

"Yeah, we had a fun day planned out. But we could always do it another time, eh?" The Canadian smiled sweetly at me.

"You're right!" I smiled back with a nod. Another few moments past and everyone had their fill of assorted breakfast. I turned to Al who was sighing happily after consuming a really good hamburger. "I'm sorry we couldn't go out for your birthday today."

"Hey that's ok dude. Emily's health is more important to me than celebrating my birthday." Alfred smiled at me. At this point I had put Emily back in her bed so she could get more rest. Matthew and Wesley were in his bedroom playing with toys. I haven't been alone with Alfred like this in a while and I was thinking of ways to make it up to him for today's ruined plans.

"Yeah," I bit my lip.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing," I sighed then leaned over and kissed my husband. "Happy Birthday Alfred."

"Thank you," Alfred chuckled then kissed me back. "Happy Independence day, __________."

:iconimtheheroplz: Happy 4th of July aka Independence Day for America! Wow America is 236 years old today! Haha well I hope you enjoy my Alfred birthday themed chapter. Sorry for keeping you all waiting for this one.

Please leave me comments! :love: Comments help me get ideas and inspiration!

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Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
The preview picture is drawn by me! [link] Dont steal~
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Even if it doesn't continue, that was a pretty good end :)
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